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Liberty Group FAQs

Do you have a question about our Managed Joint Ventures, referral marketing, residual income programs, or other services? Here are some of the questions we get asked the most frequently:

Question 1:

Is Liberty similar to a networking group, like BNI?

Answer 1:

While we do share BNI's goal of helping businesses to share resources and refer business, we do a great deal more than that. We:

1. Bring referral network members to you, tell them how to promote you, and give them materials they can use to promote you.

2. Promote our members as part of a one-stop shop, so instead of marketing only themselves, our members promote the whole group. This increases exposure for all the group members, makes each member more valuable to the client than they would be on their own, and encourages the client to buy from multiple group members instead of just one.

3. Provide collaborative legal and financial programs that help you maximize and keep the wealth you build with us.

4. Reduce our members' expenses by enabling them to share and reduce the cost of marketing materials like animated videos, seminar modules and video interviews.

5. Create opportunities for our members to collaborate to provide more valuable products than any single member could provide by themselves, and sometimes help them to create, provide and market those products and related services.

6. Manage referrals, so instead of having a bunch of separate business owners who say "if I meet someone who needs you, I'll send them your way" but never actually do it, we help you get referrals and turn them into cash. Each member is assigned a JV referral manager who works with them and ALL the group members whose services the client needs. In this way, the client of one member can become the client of two or more (or even all) of the group members.

Those are just the general basics of what we do. We can also implement other custom strategies to help our members grow their businesses, depending on the type of business and its existing resources, needs and strategies.

The greatest difference is our FOCUS. Networking groups focus on getting REFERRALS for group MEMBERS. They do not focus on getting good results for the client. The MJV, on the other hand, focuses on getting optimal RESULTS for the CLIENT, which usually requires collaboration and a team approach to managing referrals among multiple MJV members.

A happy client is likely to send more referrals to the MJV member or referral manager who coordinates the services that the client needs. Each referral generates more income for the MJV members who perform services for the client.

The referring member gets paid not only for services that they provide to clients, but also for helping other group members manage their services collaboratively with a mutual commitment to putting the CLIENT FIRST.

Question 2:

How much money can I make through the MJV, and how quickly will I see results?

Answer 2:

We guarantee that we will work with every MJV member until they make AT LEAST $10,000 in new income through our work together. That’s an ROI of AT LEAST 100%!

How quickly that happens will depend partly on your existing offers and business structure, and partly on your level of engagement.

If you already have an attractive high-ticket offer in place, we can get you your $10,000 with just a few sales.

If you’re just starting out, or you only have low-ticket items available, it will take more time to build up your systems, create your product and offer, and attract enough clients to complete the guarantee.

Regardless of what level you’re at, you’ll earn $500 every time you refer someone to Liberty Group and that person signs up.

In one recent case, a single client generated over $60,000 in compensation for an accountant, lawyer, financial planner and life insurance agent. The member who referred that single client will receive over $6,000 (10%) just for making the referral and providing services that help Liberty to ensure that the client is satisfied with the outcome.

This accountant was so impressed that he referred 3 more clients to the group and generated over $15,000 more in compensation for the MJV member group.

The Network Management Organization has structured that transaction so the referring member, who’s an accountant, will receive over $10,000, and his first $10,000 milestone was achieved through the referral of a single client.

Question 3:

How much does an MJV cost?

Answer 3:

Membership in a Liberty Group Managed Joint Venture costs $6,000 if you pay in monthly installments of $1,000, or $5,000 if you pay in full and up front. People who pay up front get a $1,000 credit for our marketing services, so you can get your marketing started at no extra cost.

To put this in perspective, many attorneys in our MJV network charge $500 per hour or more. For the price of 10 attorney hours, you can get dozens or even hundreds of hours of collaboration with an attorney and JV referral manager who’s dedicated to your success!

Question 4:

How do you help people get more referrals and get paid for making referrals?

Answer 4:

We use several strategies to help you get more referrals and get paid for the referrals you make:

Working with each client to help them get all the services they need. Some clients need the help of multiple MJV members to get the best possible result. So the referring member refers the client to the JV manager, who coordinates the services of a group of MJV members. The group members collaborate with the JV manager to provide the services the client needs.

That way, the client of one member can become the client of most or all of the members of an MJV. And, even more importantly, the client gets a better result than any one member could provide independently.

Providing members with marketing materials they can use to promote each other, such as emails and capture pages, so they don’t have to spend time teaching each other how to describe their services.

Use group marketing messages to promote the whole group as a one-stop shop, so the client comes into the relationship expecting to buy from multiple people.

We can help you get paid for referrals that you normally couldn’t collect money for.

For example, if a real estate agent pays an unlicensed person a referral fee, they could lose their license.

But they CAN pay a transaction manager, a mediator, an attorney, and other professionals reasonable fees for reasonable and necessary services. A portion of these service fees can be paid to you, not only for making a referral, but also for helping your MJV members collaborate with their JV manager to perform superior services.

This enables you to make money by referring clients to a Liberty Group JV Man - a Joint Venture Manager, Mediator and Attorney - instead of to a real estate agent or other licensed professional who is legally prohibited from sharing compensation with unlicensed people.

Question 5:

How do you help people create residual income?

Answer 5:

Some industries enable you to recruit and override teammates, so you profit from their sales. We can help you to attract new teammates, and help those teammates to make more sales.

Our Personal Liberty Banking System enables you to double the money you put into it every 6 to 12 years. It also enables you to move your debt from “their bank” to “your bank”, so you pay interest to yourself and no longer pay exorbitant amounts of interest to banks or other creditors.

When the rules of your industry allow, you can make money by referring clients to other MJV members. They do the work, and you get paid. If the work is ongoing in nature, such as a recurring monthly service, you can get continuing residual income from that referral.

Creating intellectual property, such as books, seminars, videos and group programs, and helping you market them.

When you create products that people can consume without your active involvement, you can make money even when you’re on vacation or asleep.

Question 6:

How else can Liberty Group save me time and money?

Answer 6:

We arrange deals and discounts on services every business needs, such as done-for-you marketing and lead generation services, and make those deals available to you.

That way, you can focus on building wealth by doing what you love, instead of spending unpaid days, weeks or months learning and implementing skills that lie outside your areas of passion and expertise.

Question 7:

How are you different from the coaching courses I’ve taken?

Answer 7:

Many business-to-business professionals, especially coaches, tell people WHAT to do, but they don’t actually do it for them.

This can be a big problem – especially in areas like marketing and technology, which can take unpaid hours, days, weeks or even months to learn. That’s time you AREN’T spending making money or doing what you love.

We don’t just tell you the solutions – we help you collaborate with a group of MJV members to implement them, and we provide a system for creating a lifetime of residual income with a joint mission statement: “Never Start Again!”

If part of your business includes coaching or training people, our members can help your clients to implement your teachings, which makes your program vastly more valuable than information by itself could ever be.

And, most importantly, we help you make sales for your business. You can collaborate with MJV members who help you on your journey to building your business, from developing your service menu and products to making contacts with prospective clients to marketing and selling your services and products as part of a collaborative referral management group.

We even have members who can help you make sales on a 100% commission basis. And let's face it: if you want to make money, you will need to make contacts and get referrals which ultimately convert into sales.

Once you commit to taking action and doing the things you need to do to make sales and money, you have three options:

1. You do it
2. We (your MJV members) do it for you
3. It doesn’t get done

With Liberty Group, you now have a choice. You can either do what you need to do yourself, or you can get the help you need to grow your business and make money without having to waste hours on tasks you aren’t good at and don’t enjoy.

When you are part of a group of JV members who refer clients to each other, you may find that you spend a fraction of what you would expect to spend for similar services.

When you and a group of MJV members pool your resources to purchase a product or service from a fellow member, you may break even, or even make a PROFIT when that fellow member reciprocates by referring clients to you.

Have a question the FAQs didn't answer? We're happy to help!

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