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Discover how you can get more referrals, build wealth and change lives by doing what you love, and retire early with a lifetime of residual income!

You've probably heard the quote from Warren
Buffet, where he warns that "If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die."

This is particularly true for Realtors, who are constantly depending on their next commission, and who often live in a chronic state of feast or famine. If you aren't constantly working to sell houses, your next round of bills might come before your next payday does!

The sad irony is, Realtors often have a lucrative source of income right at their fingertips, without realizing it! In fact, you might already be using this source - you just haven't learned how to monetize it yet.

That source is your network of Real estate, Accounting, Legal and Financial professionals, also known as RALF.

If you don't know how to monetize your RALF network, you're doing a LOT of unpaid work!

When your clients are closing a transaction, they need a wide range of services, including a lawyer, a mortgage broker or loan officer, a home inspector, and more. They can also benefit from the guidance of an accountant or tax professional who can help them to turn their household expenses into tax deductions, which helps to offset the cost of buying a new home.

That means you have a LOT of opportunities to make referrals to your RALF referral network. But even if they make those referrals to Real estate, Accounting, Legal and Financial professionals, most Realtors have no way to legally make money from those additional transactions without endangering their license, or to get more referrals in return.

On top of all the work you do to facilitate transactions you don't get paid for, you probably spend hours - and possibly thousands of dollars - buying and chasing leads, only to find that few or none of them convert into paying clients.

And at the end of all that work, once you've finally secured a client and gotten paid, you're right back to square one: seeking leads, trying to turn them into clients, and doing WAY more work than you get paid for, so you can get another commission and start the process all over again.

Chances are, at the end of each transaction, you're no closer to having lasting wealth and financial freedom than you were at the beginning.

In addition to all of that, you probably spend hours on networking, marketing, paperwork, bookkeeping, and other mandatory tasks that you NEED to do, but don’t like doing.

This doesn't just take a toll on your business - it hurts your health, joy and family, too!

Have you ever heard the term "real estate orphan"? It's usually used to refer to clients who have no relationship with an agent, but sadly enough, it can also be an accurate descriptor for some Realtors' children!

How many times have you had to tell your kids, "Sorry, honey, but I can't play with you, go to your baseball game, or help you with your homework today; I need to work"? And how often have you found yourself neglecting your spouse - not because you wanted to, but because you were scrambling to put food on their table?

When you do eke out some time to spend with your family, are you happy, mentally present and at peace, or are you tired, stressed, irritable, and unable to give them the love and attention they need?

If you're overworked, underpaid, overwhelmed and unhappy, what's that doing to your physical and emotional health? If you're chronically stressed and upset, you may be on your way to becoming one of those people who trades their health for money, only to end up having to trade all their money to restore their health!

The good news is, you can replace this hectic lifestyle with a life of freedom, joy, wealth and health - and it's easier than you think!

It's time to reduce your workload, increase your income, and create residual income you can retire on in 3-5 years!

Let's take your current to-do list, scratch off a few items that aren't helping you build a life of wealth, health and freedom, and replace them with easier and more lucrative activities that take the same amount of time OR LESS:

- Make referrals to your RALF network that you don't get paid for DO get paid thousands of dollars for - legally!

- Buy cold, uninterested leads, some of whom have already asked to be left alone warm leads who are ready to hire you.

- Spend hours chasing leads and trying to get them to hire you making money by doing what you love, spending time with your loved ones, and enjoying your favorite hobbies, while an expert follows up with and nurtures your leads until they're ready to work with you.

- Get referral partners by spending countless hours driving to meetings, networking, and following up with busy and often unresponsive people brought to you, ready and eager to start exchanging referrals.

- Make thousands of dollars in residual income for your broker for yourself and your family, by overriding and profiting from the sales of other real estate professionals - including brokers and their whole teams! Bet you didn't know you could override brokers, did you? ;)

- Serve your clients, then never hear from them again serve the people to whom they eagerly recommend your superior service.

- Get no referrals a steady stream of referrals in return for the referrals you make.

- Deal with conflicts in your business through a lengthy and costly arbitration process that gives you little or no control over the outcome quickly, peacefully and inexpensively, with little to no loss of control over the outcome or goodwill between you and the other party.

- Retire in 30-40 as little as 3-5 years, at an age where most people are still working their butts off!

Discover the keys to wealth, health and financial freedom in this life-changing seminar series!

We don't want you to spend your life doing work you hate and aren't good at, enslaved by the need to keep chasing commissions, and missing out on income that you could be making from tasks you're already doing.

That's why we've assembled a team of high-powered Real estate, Accounting, Legal and Financial professionals, and brought them together to share their expertise in a groundbreaking seminar series.


Wealth, Health and Financial Freedom for Realtors and Their Referral Network Members

Discover how you can start building residual income for retirement, while doubling your income this year with referrals from “RALF” professionals.

In this seminar series, you'll find out how to:

- Receive more referrals from your fellow RALF pros, and get paid for more of the referrals you make - WITHOUT breaking any of the rules that control who you can and can't get paid by.

- Get warm leads who are ready to hire you, with LESS time, work and money than you're probably spending now.

- Turn more of your leads into paying clients.

- Get referral partners brought to you, and actually get a steady stream of referrals instead of empty promises that "if I meet someone who needs you, I'll send them to you".

- Override, and profit from the sales made by, a team of high-selling Realtors - including brokers and their teams!

- Get residual income from your real estate company, even when you aren't actively making sales.

- Give superior service that makes your clients eager to recommend you to their friends and hire you again.

- Protect the wealth we help you build, so Medicaid, taxes or a lawsuit can't decimate your savings and endanger your family's financial future.

- Create additional streams of income with relatively little work.

The information in this series can be the difference between working for decades or retiring in just 3-5 years, so be sure to grab your spot right away!

Register for a chance to win one of three valuable prizes!

First prize: A $3,000 discount
on our referral management and marketing system!
If you’re sick of spending hours finding and following up with referral sources, educating them about your services and target audience, and giving them referrals, but seldom receiving referrals or payment for referrals in return, this prize is worth over $3,000 to you.

We make referral marketing easy by doing the heavy lifting for you. We find ideal referral network members for you, help them send you clients, and make sure that you get paid for the referrals you make – without breaking any of the rules that restrict which referrals Realtors can get paid for.

We also help you to create and execute a plan to quickly build wealth and residual income, so you can enjoy an early and abundant retirement!

This proven system, which has already helped some of our members to make tens of thousands of dollars, would normally cost $6,000, but one lucky seminar attendee will receive a $3,000 discount!

The first 10 attendees to sign up for our referral management program and complete their first payment will be entered into a drawing, and the winner will receive the $3,000 discount. The discount will be applied once the first $3,000 is paid in full.

*Note: Participation in our referral management service is not required in order to attend the seminar series, but you will learn about this powerful and valuable system during the series. We think you’ll want to take advantage of this great opportunity to multiply your wealth while minimizing your workload and getting you on a clear path to financial freedom!

Second prize: A 50% discount on our done-for-you marketing package!

 This prize is worth over $500 to you if you are looking to get more leads and referrals. Marketing is essential to your success, but many Real Estate, Accounting, Legal and Financial (“RALF”) professionals don’t have the time, desire or specialized knowledge required to do it.

To help you get more clients without doing more work, we’ve created a done-for-you marketing package that includes 3 lead capture pages, a 3-email marketing campaign, and a free copy of our ebook, Get More Referrals and Make More Sales: How to Get Your Referral Marketing Done For You, and Turn More Leads Into Paying Clients.

This package is worth $1,000, but one of our attendees will have a chance to get theirs for only $500!

These capture pages and emails are hosted through The Conversion Pros, so to be eligible for this prize, the attendee must either have an existing Conversion Pros account or sign up for one through a Liberty-approved sponsor.

Third prize: A free ebook and 30-minute consultation with our marketing team

This prize is worth over $150 to you if you are looking to learn how to turn more leads into clients and get more referrals from you referral network.

Everyone who joins us for this seminar series will be eligible to win a free copy of our ebook, Get More Referrals and Make More Sales, along with a free 30-minute coaching session with one of our marketing coaches.

The drawing for this prize will be held during the month after the first day of the seminar series.

How much does it cost?

This information can save you thousands of dollars in leads and software, and help you make tens of thousands of dollars or MORE.

But you won't pay thousands. You won't even pay ONE thousand.

You can get access to this valuable series for just $296.


What other people say about Matt Radin and Liberty Group:

"I love that Matthew Radin's Liberty company took the time to customize my sales funnel for my real estate business and help me recruit two new agents for my team. With the Network Management Organization, I was able to create new income streams while focusing most of my time on my Primary Business, i.e., selling real estate. With this new focus I was able to generate over $140,000 in commissions over the last four months. Thanks, Liberty!"
- M.K.